*Visual anthropology and ecomuseums
Sguardi sui territori Festival
The ecomuseum of Gemona (Italy) calls ecomuseums and museums for movies of visual antropology, on the basis of the criteria set out in this website: https://sguardisuiterritori.wordpress.com/call-for-movies/
*A video from EULAC Museums
A video from EULAC Museums, a consortium of academics, museum professionals and policy makers working in Scotland, Portugal, Spain, France, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and the West Indies who are committed to community museology making a difference in the world.
*Errors in the management of heritage and culture
New issue of La Ponte-Ecomuséu (Spain) magazine is available on the web. In this issue Authors reflect and try to learn and innovate from errors in the management of heritage and culture.
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